Up Your Arts is a non profit organization founded in 2017 to support and enhance the creative and performing arts throughout the greater Southport area. There is indeed much to promote. Live music, numerous galleries and shops, festivals and community events, established theater groups, a college campus focused on the arts, the quaint and picturesque location of numerous film productions . . . The Southeast Coast of North Carolina continues to emerge as a regional destination focused on the arts.

The mission of Up Your Arts is simple.

    • To promote all of the artful, musical and theatrical events throughout the area. .

    • To support the mission of the Southport Center of Brunswick Community College in offering the best hands-on learning opportunities in the arts.
    • To encourage all interested musicians and artists in their entrepreneurial and educational efforts.

    • To promote the creation of new and dynamic venues, events and festivals to round out the artistic offerings which currently exist.

    • To advocate strongly for the art community, and pursue every opportunity for advocacy in the public realm.

    • To leverage our membership in supporting associated community non-profit organizations.

    • To do the work necessary to ensure the success of regional art, music, dance and theater.